KinderGarten at KCCS

In Kindergarten, we want to cultivate a sense of wonder through playful exploration. Students will begin their day with Morning Time, in which we will read from the Bible, sing hymns and catechism-based songs, and have a time of prayer together. This will also be a time we can read short stories and poetry together, rehearse letter sounds, practice counting, and review our calendar (learn days of the week, months of the year, etc.) We will have weekly memory verses, from both the Old and New Testaments, that correspond with the letter of the week.

Throughout the day, we engage the child’s natural love of stories through a variety of stories, poems and short biographies read aloud by the teacher. Our students will learn many comprehension strategies including re-telling stories orally and reenacting stories through dramatic presentations.

As young children require solitude in order to process and reflect on all that they are learning, we integrate Quiet Time into each afternoon. This is a time in which students may choose to independently look at picture books or quietly play with manipulatives (building blocks, colouring, play dough…) Classical background music or a suitable audiobook may be enjoyed to help facilitate a peaceful environment.

Curriculum Overview

reading and writing

Students will be taught to read through a multisensory phonics program (All About Reading - Level 1) which uses Orton-Gillingham methodology. This instructional approach is well-suited to all children, including those with challenges such as dyslexia, because it takes into account different learning styles and provides a structured cumulative program where each new concept builds upon the previous one. By the end of SK, students will cover letter sounds for A-Z, plus consonant teams TH, SH, CH, CK, NG, and NK.

Writing is a two-part process: children must first put abstract concepts into words; only then are they able to take those words and write them on a page. We encourage our JK students to retell portions of the story in their own words, and then create narration drawings that visually represents their ideas. Our SK students will take this a step further, retelling the story in a full sentence that will accompany their narration drawings.

Proper penmanship is practiced by ensuring correct pencil grip and daily practice in the correct formation of letters.


The foundation for future mathematical skills is laid in the early years. The emphasis will be placed on the use of concrete objects and pictorial representations of objects before moving onto more abstract symbols and ideas. Students are taught to recognize numbers 0-20, represent them in writing, and sequence them. Other subjects covered will include: Sorting and Classifying, Patterns, Shape, Number Bonds and Measurement.


Our youngest students will be immersed in the Biblical narrative and taught that God is the Origin of all things, with His Son Jesus Christ being the center and goal of history.

As with all learning, children must move from the known to the unknown. We therefore begin developing the students’ knowledge of their own parents and grandparents (i.e. their family tree), along with noteworthy stories demonstrating character and virtue found in Canadian history.

other subjects


Art appreciation will take place weekly, and children will use a variety of mediums (tempera paints, watercolours, pencil crayons, etc.) to imitate great works of art.


Children will memorize vocabulary through songs, games, pictures and flashcards.


Children will explore and discover nature through the five senses, learning to appreciate the beauty and complexity of God’s creation. Outdoor play will be prioritized (weather permitting), along with regular entries in the children’s Nature Journals.

Children will be introduced to concepts including seasons, water, air, weather, plants, earth, chemistry, sound and motion using Exploring Science from Elemental Science. 

Physical Education

Students will be encouraged to build strength, agility and coordination through individual and team-based games and activities, with an emphasis on being active, strategic and good team players.