rylAn Auger | Principal

Principal Auger teaches Latin and Physical Education at KCCS. He was raised in Peterborough and is passionate about seeing gospel renewal in the city. After a year of learning the inductive method of bible study in Lake Lure, North Carolina, he returned to Peterborough to continue working and studying. He received his B.A. in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies from Trent University, and is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity at Toronto Baptist Seminary. Rylan also serves as an elder at his home church. He and his wife, Carleigh, have four young children: Eleanor (JK), Calvin (3), Aileen (2), and Gilmour (6 months). He is a lover of History, Greek, and good books; and he is excited to show Christ is the centre and goal of all reality—even in Math!


Melissa Browne | Kindergarten

Mrs. Browne is the Kindergarten Teacher at KCCS. Melissa has over 15 years of relevant experience in education, teaching a variety of different ages, both in Canada and internationally. She has a passion for teaching languages and is drawn to the natural progression of the Classical approach: from grammar, to the use of the language, and finally to the eloquent expression of it. Melissa enjoys journeying with students who have moved from learning the grammar of English to reading a classical English work, as it is an amazing experience of moving from the mind to the heart. Most recently, she has taught languages at both Fleming College and Trent University and has homeschooled her two sons Rio (Grade 4) and Elijah (Grade 2). Melissa looks forward to presenting a feast of wisdom, beauty, and truth before her students as she shepherds them towards Jesus, the ultimate fulfillment of these things.


rebecca kloostErmaN | Curriculum Director | Grades 1 &2

Mrs. Kloosterman is the Grade 1 & 2 Teacher at KCCS. Originally from Barbados, Rebecca came to Peterborough to study at Trent University where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration and her Bachelor of Education degrees. She spent two years as an elementary teacher (Kindergarten and Grade 4) in Barbados in two different private schools. In 2012, she and her husband Alex moved again to Peterborough, where they are now raising their daughters Grace (Grade 1) and Ruth (JK). She discovered Classical Christian education when planning her girls’ education and has spent the past three years homeschooling them through the Classical approach. One of Rebecca's favorite things about being an educator is seeing the "light bulb" go off in a child's eyes when he/she grasps a foreign concept for the first time. She is excited to learn alongside her students and looks forward to beholding the beauty of Christ with them in all areas of learning.


Katie Kloosterman | Music

Mrs. Kloosterman is the Music Teacher at KCCS. Katie is a licensed Kindermusik Educator, a piano teacher, and a homeschooling mom to Finn (Grade 3), Levi (SK), and Mae (pre-K). She has her Grade 9 in piano with Conservatory Canada and she has 12 years of teaching experience in both Kindermusik and piano. She has a passion for music and for children and she loves to teach. Katie is also the Musical Worship Coordinator at Hill City Baptist Church where she leads worship on a weekly basis. Katie is eager to use her musical gifts to impart a love of music, a love of learning, and ultimately a love of Christ to her students.


Melissa Inglis | visual Art

Mrs. Inglis is the Visual Arts Teacher at KCCS. From working at local art stores, to painting murals in high-end homes in Toronto, art has remained a central passion throughout Melissa’s life. After completing a B.A. in ministry, she proceeded to work for several years as an Arts Coordinator for youth. She has had her artwork featured in several local establishments and continues to receive commissions in a freelance capacity. Since the birth of her three children, Melissa has brought her love of visual arts to bear in homeschooling. She believes that students need not decide between truth and beauty, but rather that truth informs beauty and beauty can help illuminate truth. When not painting clouds, you can find Melissa enjoying a cup of strong coffee while reading books aloud to her children.