The following courses are available for part-time study

Please contact us for questions regarding enrolment.



Music classes, taught by Katie Kloosterman, include 1 period (30 minutes/week) of choir rehearsal and practice, as well as 1 period (45 minutes/week) of age-appropriate instruction. Students will be encouraged to develop an appreciation of aesthetic beauty through music, with an emphasis placed on music appreciation and identification. The culminating event for the fall semester is a Christmas program, during which the class will present for a live audience.

JK/SK: This course begins the grammar school study of music using Kindermusik’s Imagine That! curriculum and aims to encourage aural awareness and provide each student with a basic introduction to musical concepts (i.e. Staccato, Legato, Forte, Piano, Accelerando, etc.) through pretend play, a variety of music, instrument playing, singing, storytelling, and other literacy-based activities.

Grade 1-2: This course continues the grammar school study of music using Kindermusik’s Young Child curriculum. This program aims to equip students with the basic fundamentals of note-reading, rhythm, and pitch relationships. Students will be introduced to numerous musical concepts including the musical staff, and how it relates to the songs they have been singing for years.


Art classes, taught by Melissa Inglis, include 2 periods (45 minutes/each) of weekly instruction. Art education hones the eye to not just look, but examine and see the world around us, and the God who made all things bright and beautiful. This course is made up of two key components: artist/picture study and art projects.

Artist/Picture Study: Students will be immersed in a beautiful variety of famous artworks from the age of the Renaissance, Romanticism, Impressionism and more. Students will learn to observe, interpret and understand the themes displayed in art, while also learning the technical side of light, shadow, line, form, etc.

Art Projects: Reflecting upon our creative God, students will also be encouraged to playfully express their creativity through various mediums of art (drawing, painting, sculpting etc).


Latin classes, taught by Principal Rylan Auger, include 1 period (45 minutes/week) of small-group instruction for students in Grade 3 or above. The curriculum used is Latin for Children by Christopher A. Perrin and Aaron Larsen.

This course will help introduce students to the world of Latin language and History, as well as the roots of our own western history. The course is designed to grow vocabulary of Latin words that connect with English words, and to begin learning the basic grammar of Latin noun and verb endings. Through songs, chants, and stories, children will engage both the language and the history. A special emphasis will be given to the Seven Virtues of Fortitude, Temperance, Justice, Prudence, Faith, Hope and Love.